The Beginning of 2019 in London

The Beginning of 2019 in London

All that has happened in 2018 has now come and gone. We may have laughed, cried, cursed the world and partied until the morning. What we have to do now, is to get ready to do this all over again in a new year. It is unsure what 2019 will bring, all that is left for us is to buckle up, and take things as they come. Luckily for us, London already has their calendar planned out for the beginning of this New Year, and we are all here for it. This is also the ideal month for those who wish to visit London, but are on a budget.

January 1st

New Year’s Day Parade

New Year’s Day Parade is the event that signals the beginning of 2019 in London. You can walk on the street of London in your own peace and joy, and look at the parade going on. The music, colors and activities will surely be a sight that will warm your hearts. After the parade, during the day there will also be countless activities, regarding the festivities as one last goodbye to the year that went, and a hello to the new one.

1st-7th of January

Wintertime at Southbank Centre

On our list of activities for the beginning of 2019 in London, there many simple activities you can do to have a good time, without any expenses or effort. This first week of January, is your chance to catch the last of the Christmas festivities. You can go on a discovery trip and seek out Wintertime at Southbank Centre, Christmas at Leicester Square before they close, or even a Christmas themed mime show before they close. If you are lucky enough, you might also find a Christmas show still going on. And last but definitely not least, a skating trip to London’s outdoor seasonal ice rinks is never a bad idea especially in cold weathers.

Harry Potter Tour

Hogwarts in the snow

A Harry Potter tour is never a bad idea whichever the season, thus it is a part of our “The Beginning of 2019 in London” list. You can go to their film studios and enjoy an iconic movie and its making. What is so special this time, is that since 17th of November up until 27th of January, the set will have embraced the season spirit and we will see Hogwarts in the snow, which is guaranteed to give everything a new light.

Movie Time

Short Film Screening

The weather and aesthetic are perfect for this next activity in our “The Beginning of 2019 in London” list. What better way to spend the cold, rather than catching the screenings of amazing short films, as well as getting to meet the creator behind them? You can be educated and entertained at the same time, because these films contain very strong messages behind them, which makes the whole experience worthwhile.
So yes, these are some of the activities you can occupy yourself within the beginning of 2019 in London. These are definitely a fun way of easing into what’s to come and to keep the festive spirits alive for as long as possible, which we are never against for.


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