Fun Activities for New Year’s Eve in London

Now, we all have gotten accustomed to a certain way of celebrating New Year’s Eve, and there are no problems in upholding these traditions because they are amazing, but London has also taken care of those who feel the need to do something different. Activities can vary between each-other, whether they include eating, drinking, partying or doing something that would usually not be related to this celebration. We have made a collection of these fun activities for New Year’s Eve in London.

Here’s the fun activities for New Year’s Eve in London

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby NYE

One of the fun activities for New Year’s Eve in London, is for sure ‘The Great Gatsby’ themed party, that the London Cabaret Club will be throwing. Everything from the décor, to peoples’ attitudes and especially their outfits, will take you back to the 1920s. Expect an amazing night full of dancing, drinking, laughing and amazing live music performances, to guide you through the entirety of the night. This is certainly an unusual way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but also a very interesting one. The event starts at 19:00 and ends at 05:00. The ticket price varies from £105.00 to £495.00.

Market Hall Victoria Celebrations

Market Victoria

When we think of Market Hall Victoria, we wouldn’t necessarily imagine it as a party location. That’s where the surprise comes in because it has just been recently added on our list of fun activities for New Year’s Eve in London. Market Hall Victoria will now be the venue chosen by “It’s Unknown” party creators, and you are guaranteed a fun-filled night. The celebration starts at 19:30 and it will be packed with activities, such as Musical Bingo (which works just like regular bingo, but with songs), Gospeloke (a version of karaoke where you sing live with an amazing choir as your back up) and from midnight until 2 am, when the party ends, we have a dance party with disco music. The ticket price is only £35.00.

Around the World in 80 days

Around the World in 80 days

This is the definition of fun activities for New Year’s Eve in London. We all know of parties which use one specific theme and they follow it throughout every detail of the night, but this one is truly mind-blowing. The party will be held at Battersea Park, and the idea was inspired by the movie ‘Around the World in 80 Days”. What they will recreate is scenes and traditional pieces of various places in the world and everything will be absolutely mesmerizing, it will truly feel like you took a trip around the whole world. The bar will be designed to look like igloos, and you can get all your beverages of your choice there, as well as enjoy an amazing meal with elements, from all over the world. This will truly be a night to remember as a unique way of celebrating the year to come, and welcome it with an open heart, mind and apparently stomach. The tickets will be at the price of £185.00.
Now there were many amazing activities we could have chosen from, but this is our favorites list. We can only tell you, whichever you wish to choose, it will truly bring in the New Year with amazing energies, and of course happiness and positivity. Enjoy!


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