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RnB, Hip Hop and House




Glam and Trendy


Tube via Piccadilly Circus


Swallow Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 4EZ


Wed-Sat 11:00 PM – 3:30 AM

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If you are looking for unstoppable fun and excitement, Cuckoo Club London is the place to be! Redesigned by BIBA founder and interior fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, Cuckoo Club London is fast becoming the top hotspot in the heart of London. Its 2-floor 5,000 square feet area offers a vibrant atmosphere conducive to intimate dining, drinking, clubbing, dancing, celebrating, listening to live music and a lot more!

The dance-floor has LED-studded ceiling while the cocktail bar in the basement offers one-of-a-kind drinking experience. The club’s high-end, opulent interior design has a touch of rock & roll influences. The stunning decors in burgundy, purple, gold, black and pink add to its elegance. No doubt, this exclusive members-only club is becoming popular among the most-elite clubbers in Central London.

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Cuckoo Club London Details

Cuckoo Club London Address

Cuckoo Club location is along Swallow Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 4EZ. It can easily be reached via Metro/Tube transport since it is near Piccadilly Circus . A short walk is all it takes to be in the venue. More Info…

Cuckoo Club London Entry Fee

You must be a bona-fide club member or an invited guest of a member to be able to get inside. Entry fee for gentlemen is £20 while ladies are free before 11 PM. However, it is advised to be early to avoid a long queue and enjoy the privilege of free entrance. Early birds also enjoy more fun inside! More Info…

Cuckoo Club London Guestlist

The most glamorous and elite crowd of clubbers from all over the world attests to the ultimate clubbing experience in Cuckoo Club London. This ultra-stylish club was once chosen “Best New Club” by London Club and Bar Award Body.

It boasts a spectacular guest list of celebrities and known to be the Godfather of the West End’s watering hole. Special guest list every Friday allows non-members to get inside this amazing party club! More Info…

Cuckoo Club London
Cuckoo Club London

Cuckoo Club London Bottle Service

The Cuckoo Club has a wide array of liquors and drinks to choose from. The least expensive cocktail is at £13. Complimentary peanuts are provided. The most-renowned mixologists of Europe can concoct the best-tasting, elaborate cocktails for you but expect to pay more. Organic cocktails are available in their exclusive list of drinks. More Info…

VIP tables price starts from £2000 minimum spend for 10 people while standard tables cost £1000 minimum spend for the same number of guests. It is best to enlist table booking service to ensure a hassle-free night. More Info…

Cuckoo Club London Dress Code

Glam and trendy is the rule of thumb when it comes to dress code at the Cuckoo Club. Dress up and mingle with A-List guests. The club was labeled as the hub of sophistication, glamour and class by Vogue and GQ nonetheless. Undeniably, Cuckoo is a super-hot club which you shouldn’t miss when you are in London. More Info…

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+44 752 352 8885

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