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Unlike any other night clubs, Cuckoo Club happens to be a restaurant by day and club by night. This venue proves to be a luxurious and exclusive members-only nightclub and has been awarded as The Best New Club at the London Club and Bar Awards. The club management reserves the right to refuse entry to those that people who doesn’t fit the requirements especially to those who doesn’t follow the dress code. Like all other exclusive clubs, following the dress code is always a must. Several Cuckoo Club Celebrity sightings are covered by the most famous magazines, so it pays to follow the Cuckoo Club Dress Code appropriately for this upbeat party hot spot.

Cuckoo Club dress code for the Ladies:

You need to be dressed to impress in order to gain entry. This is always a common requirement at all VIP Mayfair venues. Ladies are expected to look fabulous and glamorous whenever they want to party at Cuckoo Club. Being one of the top clubs in London, Cuckoo club will deny entry if your attire does not fit the exclusive vibe they aim to protect. All people in here are classy and they love to party, so make sure you are dressed up for the occasion. Pick the best dress from your closet, or get a maxi dress that screams class. No sandals or flats please, just make sure you wear your most comfortable heels. Make sure your makeup and hair is prim and proper – the best way is to make sure that your makeup and hairdo fits your ensemble perfectly. TO pick out the best drinks that could possibly compliment your outfit, check out the Cuckoo Drink Menu.

Cuckoo Club Dress Code ladies
Cuckoo Club Lane Dress Code gents

Cuckoo Club dress code for the Gentlemen:

Looking sharp and elegant is the key to get inside the prestigious Cuckoo Club. Avoid wearing any sportswear, baseball caps, open type shoes, sandals, or jerseys. Wear casual and you won’t get any near the line at Cuckoo Club. Wear a clean shirt, slack/trousers/black jeans, and pair it up with some smart shoes. Layering it up with a coat is optional, but still will suffice. Follow the Cuckoo Club dress code for Gentlemen, and you are well on your way to party in one of the best nightclubs in London. Don’t forget to get your name on the Cuckoo Club Guestlist, and you will be rewarded with one hell of a night out.

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+44 752 352 8885

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