Celebrities’ NYE 2015 Celebrations

We hope everyone had a great a New Year’s Eve party. London celebrated beautifully as always with an amazing fireworks show that garnered worldwide attention. Hope everyone got to witness that because it was such a great way to start the year. If not, don’t worry there’s always another year for you to get your chance. Now as for the hollywood A-lister and celebrities, if you are wondering how the famous celebrated NYE 2015, well no doubt it was nothing less of the class and style that they live and breathe for. They were all across the globe, ringing in 2015 glamorously, from New York, Sydney, Las Vegas, Dubai and of course, to London.

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian rocked Las Vegas, while everyone’s favorite Taylor Swift performed in Times Square NYC (wonder if her best buddy Victoria’s Secret Model Karlie Kloss was anywhere in sight?)

Moving to the Middle East, we got Selena Gomez and model pal Gigi Hadid. And somewhere in Jamaica, we have Caroline Flack who had an incredible 2014!

Samantha Faiers, the newest celebrity designer partied the night away at the Dorchester hotel in London. At the same time, it was also her 24th birthday. Talk about a double celebration!

Lily Allen, like Taylor Swift, was in Edinburgh, performing at the city’s Hogmany NYE 2015 celebrations.

Kelly Brook was in Sydney for NYE and we’d like to think that she was one of the many celebrities who first welcomed the New Year as Australia is 8 hours ahead.

Queen Bey, aka Beyonce aka Mrs Carter who as always looks amazing posted a photo of her in glasses, sending everyone good vibes for 2015!

There you have it, a quick run down of who and where this new year’s eve! We look forward to seeing everyone have the best year in 2015! Let’s make the most of every day….just as the celebrities always do.


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