Catch the Firework show this New Year’s Eve in London

There are many reasons why the end of the year is one of our favorite seasons. The atmosphere is beautiful and cozy, the decorations are fantastic and the parties are phenomenal. But what really steals the crown, and honestly the biggest tradition related to these holidays, are the annual firework shows. So, we are going to show you, where to catch the firework show this New Year’s Eve in London, in order to have an unforgettable experience.

Catch the Firework show this New Year’s Eve in London

Jimmy’s Lodge on the River

Jimmy_s Lodge on the River

A location where you can catch the firework show this New Year’s Eve in London, is Jimmy’s Lodge on the river. On this location you can also dine, while waiting to enjoy the amazing show that awaits you. They have created glass igloos, inside of which 6 to 10 people can fit. The food that’s being served is delicious, which guarantees you will have an amazing experience on the night of New Year’s Eve. They will be serving an alpine feast on the 31st, and unlimited drinks to keep you warm throughout the cold night. From here, you can enjoy what you truly came for, an amazing view of the firework spectacle.

London Marriot Hotel County Hall

London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Marriot Hotel at County Hall is also a great choice when you want to enjoy the firework show this New Year’s Eve in London. It is really close to the London Eye, so the location is almost ideal when it comes to your purpose. This year, Marriot hotel has organized a black-tie dress code kind of night. Upon your arrival, you will first be met with a champagne reception, and then you will move on to dining, in a four-course delicious meal. If you wish to end your night after the show, which will take place just across the river, then that is perfectly fine, but if not, the hotel will be providing live music entertainment until 2am.

A cruise towards 2019

Silver Barracuda

Now, what better way to see the firework show this New Year’s Eve in London, than to take a cruise along the river, where you can have a wholesome view of everything. This amazing event will take place in the beautifully decorated Silver Barracuda, and it will not only provide you with an amazing view, but it also offers a three-course meal by the merited Executive Head Chef, Douglas Gaunt, unlimited drinks, which have been selected prior, and DJ music, which will keep the party alive. The tickets will be available at the price of £355.00.

Bar Elba’s Rooftop Gather

Bar Elba

Now this location provides a good traditional NYE celebration. What makes it so special, is that the bar is located on a rooftop and it gives you an amazing view of the firework show this New Year’s Eve in London. Throughout the night, you will have the chance to enjoy amazing cocktails, while having various options in dining, because to be honest, we can’t really get into the partying spirit without these two. Now when the clock strikes midnight, there is not much for us left to say, the view says it all, it is breathtaking. The party will start at 18:00 and it will go on until 03:00, and the ticket price will be charged at £175.00.


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