Best Rooftop Bars in London 2018

Best Rooftop Bars in London 2018

Not only nightclubs but also rooftops are a specialty of London! And not only rooftops during summer but winter terraces as well! And for the ones passionate for rooftop bars, delicious drinks and awesome atmosphere, we are going to present to you the best rooftop bars in London 2018! Here’s our pick list of the best rooftop bars in London 2018!

Bōkan 39

Bōkan - Best Rooftop Bars in London 2018

This easy-going and informal hideaway, will transport you far from the noise from the streets below and welcome it in the roof terrace in the 39th floor: Bōkan 39 which will welcome you with a specialist gin bar, rooftop daybeds and Sunday jazz sessions. All these make it perfect for a calm night out in London while enjoying the mesmerizing views that London offers. Enjoy the intriguing cocktails, the extensive wine list and selected craft beers and admire the outstanding views of Canary Wharf and the City of London! No more words needed to explain why Bōkan 39 is listed as one of the best rooftop bars in London 2018!

Golden Bee

Golden - Best Rooftop Bars in London 2018

Here at Golden Bee it is all about the party and the view that the rooftop has to offer to its located just around the corner from Old Street tube. The venue is also a great choice for those who would love to dance as the DJs play the best house and club classics! Situated between London’s financial district and the vibrant urban village of Shoreditch, Golden Bee is your best choice as it serves a super cocktail menu which will be the perfect companion for the night! The drinks, the view and the music played, make the atmosphere at Golden Bee awesome! If you love a good relaxing night with a chance to shake those feet and have a great time, then this is the place for you and of course is the place to be in our list of the best rooftop bars in London 2018!

Netil 360

Netil - Best Rooftop Bars in London 2018

Each of the rooftops in this list has something special but Netil 360 has hot tubs on their roof terrace bar! How awesome is that! The venue attracts a creative community who knows unconventional partying and is the perfect destination for a special experience. And the views include a 360 degree of the breathtaking panoramic views of the capital’s skyline. The venue operates during the day as well! And it also has a spacious roof garden which features free and bookable work desks within two co-working cabins! No that’s a great choice to work from home and yet enjoy it and have fun! Netil 360 really knows how to make its guests feel special and well taken after and of course it had to be in our pick as one of the best rooftop bars in London 2018!

Radio Rooftop Bar

Radio - Best Rooftop Bars in London 2018

Radio Rooftop Bar has been hosting guests since 2013 and since then has kept the bar real high and is one of central London’s prime rooftop drinking destinations. The venue is so highly demanded that only early bookings can guarantee your entrance in the venue! No wonder as the terrace is much like a slick Ibiza sun lounge. The music played here is also the best and the atmosphere becomes just great! You would love to be spending one of your night outs here!

London rooftop bars are well known of the impressive and spectacular views they offer of the city but as well of the service and atmosphere they provide to their guest! Go through our pick of the best rooftop bars in London 2018 and choose your favorite to try it out! No need to wait for summer to enjoy a nice view in the best rooftop bars in London!


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