Best EDM nightclubs in London

Best EDM nightclubs in London

Good music is the key to a great night out! RnB, Hip Hop, Commercial, Electro, Techno, everyone has a different taste and thank God there are choices for everyone! And London of course hosts the best clubs for all type of music! Today we are going to focus on the party-goers who enjoy electronic music and for you we have prepared a list with the best EDM nightclubs in London! We know that with the new versions popping up every day, it is hard to find the right EDM nightclub! So here are the best EDM nightclubs in London! Choose your favorite and let’s dance!


xoyo - Best EDM nightclubs in London
XOYO is famously known among the best spots for the nightlife experience in London. The venue is located right in the heart of Shoreditch and the music played here is unique and amazing. The type of music ranges from live music performed by the best DJs from the House, Garage and the best we can easily say it’s the Electronic music they play here. So if you are a lover of electronic music, you have to go here as XOYO tops the list of the best EDM nightclubs in London!

Proud Camden

hjyuk - Best EDM nightclubs in London

The special thing about this venue is that during the day it operates as an art gallery and by night it turns into one of the best EDM nightclubs in London! Proud Camden plays some of the best electro dance music and if you’re a fan you’ll have the best night out ever! It is located in the Camden Stables Market and the décor features a huge terrace seating area which is used on Winter and Summer too.


dsf - Best EDM nightclubs in London

If you’re up to date with the nightlife in London, you should know why Cargo is listed here! Cargo has made a name for itself being one the best clubs in London hence also one of the best EDM nightclubs in London! The venue plays the best electronic music served from the best DJs and live bands that will make you never want to leave the dancefloor. If you love EDM and haven’t visited Cargo yet, add it in your check list now and book your spot right away!


fabric - Best EDM nightclubs in London

And the list doesn’t end here as there’s also Fabric club for the EDM lovers! Fabric is also one of the top clubs in London and boasts some of the best line-ups in the city. This venue is the perfect destination if good music is what you are looking for as the management focus strictly on providing the best electronic dance music rather than international famous DJs. The echo system is so good here that you can feel the bass roaring from beneath. There was no doubt when we decided to add Fabric to the list of the best EDM nightclubs in London!

Corsica Studios

corsica - Best EDM nightclubs in London

You may think this club is in Corsica from its name but now, it is located right here in London and is a great music focused club with new DJs that are spot on trend with new electronic sounds. This venue focuses a lot on the new trends of electronic music so if you want to be updated on what’s going on with the electro dance music, this is the place to be!

London is famous for the best clubs in the world and of course it hosts the best EDM nightclubs too. If you’re planning to go out and live electro dance music, check this list as it will help you to choose the best EDM nightclub in London for you! If you want to know more, you can reach us on WhatsApp or our Social Media Channels!


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