Wine and Cheese Pairing 101

Here in London Night Guide, we like to keep it classy all the time. If you like to have friends over to pre-drink before heading to one of our venues, why don’t you host a wine and cheese paring kind of night? Some people find wine intimidating especially when you start to serve cheese: F A N C Y. But, no really, it’s all pretty simple and you may not know this but many different types of wines can be paired with cheese — there isn’t just one wine for one cheese — so you got this!

We came across a very informational post about wine and cheese pairing 101 over at with easy-to-read graphic that outlines the best wine to pair with popular cheeses.

wine and cheese


It’s all there from ooey, gooey, melted deliciousness to hard and salty yumminess. Besides no dinner party is complete without a good cheese board. Yes, it may seem daunting at first to explore uncharted wine and cheese territories, but it is easier than you think. We are talking wine and cheese, after all. They go together like bread and butter, only much better and with alcohol *wink.

To create a good cheese board (without your guests being bored), you need one of each: soft cheese, semi-soft cheese, semi-hard cheese, and hard cheese. However, many people mix and match according to their individual tastes, offering more varieties.

Which wine and cheese pairing do you like best?

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