Summer of 2018 London Pop-Ups

This summer truly brings various and interesting pop-up events in London. The beauty in these events is that they are indeed fleeting, but they are also rare and unique experiences for all of us. We have looked through some of the best pop-up events that are set to occur during 2018, and selected some amazing choices for you. Enjoy the Summer of 2018 London Pop-Ups!

  • The 1821 Bar

The 1821 Cicchetti _ Gin Bar

Here’s to the first of Summer of 2018 London Pop-Ups! The 1821 Cicchetti & Gin Bar is a pop-up which lasts at about four weeks, and it will be located at 147 Bethnal Green Road. They are a new brand, who wishes to reach out to all the enthusiasts of gin and innovative cocktails, with their rich and deep flavors. You can become a part of this experience, from 15th August to 9th September, from Wednesdays to Sundays, 3pm-11pm. There you can find cocktails, which include Luxardo’s new Sour Cherry Gin, as well as their artisanal cocktail snacks derived from the Italian cuisine culture, provided by Enoteca Rosso.

  • Alcotraz

Based off of one of the most famous prisons in the US, and subject to many movies and documentaries, this pop-up brings to you, Alcotraz. At first look, nothing really seems out of the ordinary, until you walk in, and you are met with everyone’s new favorite prison. The theatrics of this place will leave you mesmerized and entertained, starting from the orange jumpsuits at the entry, the warden, who is trying to bust inmates for bringing alcohol inside the cells illegally, and of course, the corrupted guards who are at there to assist you. Knowing this, all you have to do is smuggle alcohol of your choice and preference on the inside without getting caught. Once on the inside of the jail cells, you will not be able to choose the cocktails from a menu. You will hand in your drink, and a cocktail will be created based off of it, and of course your tastes. This pop-up started on the 3rd of August and will be available on various dates from 5pm-11pm. The tickets can be purchased at the price of £33.99-£35.99.

  • Nomad Cinema

Nomad Cinema
Another one in the list of the Summer of 2018 London Pop-Ups is The Nomad Cinema. It has been associated with the praise of being the best outdoor screening cinema. It travels around settling on beautiful venues with sceneries and turns it into something even more special with the help of their staff. What is so special about them is that all profits go to a charity in South Africa called, ‘The Sustainability Institute’, and all of their staff are volunteers, which increases their profits. The atmosphere at a Nomad Cinema venue is always warm and welcoming, and the costumes can enjoy quality catering while watching the film. Dates will be available from mid-August, all the way until October.

  • Dead Man’s Hand

Dead Mans Hand
From the creators of the popular game, ‘A Door in a Wall’, a new adventure comes, this time in the real world. Dead Man’s Hand, is a game in which teams try to find, through various clues scattered on the streets of Farringdon, the killer of Mr. Jack Spade, who lost his life to a poker game. The main venue, where you will gather, and where you will return to once the game has finished, is the bar at the basement of Grand Union Farringdon. The game starts at 1 pm and ends at 5:30 pm. Create a group of 3-6 people, choose your team wisely, and bring your phone fully charged! This pop-up event began on the 4th of August and it goes on for 12 other Saturdays. The tickets are sold at the price of £32.50.

We hope you liked our choices for the Summer of 2018 London Pop-Ups! Check our page to find out more!


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