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Located at Kensington High Street, Roof Gardens is one of the most visit nightclubs in London. The brains behind Roof Gardens made sure that this is not your ordinary venue, as lush gardens welcomes you to this lush open air nightclub. With 1.5 acres of space, the view on the sixth floor will certainly take your breath away. To experience this elite clubbing, make sure you obey the Roof Gardens Dress Code.

Known for hosting most affluent club goers and party icons, the ambiance and the total look of Roof Gardens is beyond anything you have ever expected. With a garden with live plants, crystal clear chandeliers, and eye-popping décor – Roof Gardens is clearly one of the top nightclubs in London.

Since Roof Gardens is a venue for exclusivity, the owners made sure that they are implementing a strict door policy. The only way to access this premium venue is to get on the Roof Gardens guestlist. London Night Guide can you your Roof Gardens Table Booking free of charge, so contact us for more details.

Beyond the guestlist and table booking, the final step to prepare on your planned night out is to follow the Roof Gardens dress code. You don’t want to be in a position wherein you are ready to party, only to be denied entry due to you not following the dress code.

Roof Gardens Dress code for the Ladies

The Roof Gardens dress code is not that hard. Just aim for a smart and stylish look. Grab your best dress or your most alluring skirt and rock it with class. Be stylish yet sensual, sexy yet comfortable, and seductive yet sophisticated. Wear your prettiest heels, and you’d be granted entry in no time.

Roof Gardens Dress Code ladies
Roof Gardens Dress Code guys

Roof Gardens Dress code for the Gentlemen:

Don your best shirt, sleek jeans, and your best shoes. It’s that easy to look smart and stylish! Ditch the sportswear and your sneakers, or you’d be having trouble getting past the door. Just look smart, be confident, and you’re all set!

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Guestlist & Table Bookings
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