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Situated at 78 Wells St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3QL, with a state of the art sound system and lighting effects played by the DJs on a house in fire – is exactly how you should picture your night in Project London! We provide you all the necessary information on the Project London Entry Price right here. Several Project Club Celebrities are always spotted on busy nights, so dance with the stars!

Being one of the world’s finest clubs London has to offer, Project London has been kicking it since 2012, and with that, has earned a name that boasts world class experience! Awesome hosts, good clubbing layout, and friendly staff are waiting for your arrival. So hop on, as early as you can in the Project Club Guestlist!

Be in the Project London Guestlist if you do not want to miss a one of a kind clubbing experience! We offer a Project Club Birthday Package deal to maximize your night out, so don’t miss it.

What is the Project London Entry Price?

  • For Gentlemen, its £20 come what may.
  • For Ladies, it’s free, if arriving before 11PM, and afterwards, its £20.
  • Discretion on the Door Policy will be followed. Please know that there is a possibility of refusal.
Project London Entry Price
Project London Entry Price

So it would be a help if you know the Project Club London Dress Code we follow, which are as follows:

Women: Chic & Elegant Dress, Heels, Make Up

Men: Pants, Elegant Shoes, Long Sleeved Tops or Polos

Not Allowed: Slippers, Thongs, Flip-flops, Sports Apparel, Flats

Simply put, be dressed to kill.

If you are over 18, head on to the house of dance and music and party hard! Just make sure you have an ID that will support your age such as a Driver’s License or a Passport. (Bring the original copy as photocopied ones will not be accepted.) Check out what you can order at the Paper London Bottle Price Menu.

Don’t forget you can also book in advance through the Project London Table Bookings where a minimum spend starting at £500 applies! Also, Project London Entry Price is £20 per head on top of the minimum.

reserve-icon Get on Guestlist reserve-icon Reserve a Table


+44 752 352 8885
+44 752 352 8885

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Guestlist & Table Bookings
+44 752 352 8885
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