Pregaming Before Going Out

Pregaming before going out has become a ritual for many. But if you already have one too many, chances are all you’ll ever have for the night is just that. Most exclusive nightclubs in London don’t allow guests to come in if they spot you drunk in the queue. Remember stay classy! These nightclubs are simply avoiding to have people falling on their faces, throwing up everywhere and worst, starting fights for no reason. Don’t be that person who ruins their friend’s nightout, and basically anyone who’s in the same spot. Know how to hold your liquor, by knowing how pregaming before going out really works:

Pre Game

1. Have a proper dinner.

By eating right, you prep your stomach for the liquor. Pro tip on what to eat: Think salty or doughy; pasta, bread, greasy food, and peanuts are your bestfriend. All of foods that soak up liquor. Pastas and breads soak up alcohol and slow the digestion of liquor. Peanuts and salty foods usually keep you from barfing and dry you out.

2. Don’t forget your other liquid.
Drinking water will keep you going. All the liquor you consume will lead you to being dehydrated and passing out. Remember, for every glass of vodka, rum, tequila or whiskey you have there should be a glass of water to push it in.

3. Understand your limit.
When you are aware of your own limit, you increase your alcohol lifeline. Peer pressure still exists but you’ll be the one dealing with a horrible hangover if you give in. Just have fun and take it easy.

Pregaming is essential for a lot of reasons, but most especially; you save money and you get rid of those nervous jitters especially when attending a grand opening of a new nightclub, like Vaudeville. It’s a fact that drinks at the bar can be expensive so better get that buzz before going out. Also, pregaming helps people become more outgoing and relaxed, giving them a higher chance of having fun!

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