Plan a memorable birthday party in London

Whether its your birthday or you’re planning it for a friend. You better act fast and decide where and what to do for a memorable birthday party in London. London Night Guide is your nightlife concierge for guestlist, table bookings and event planning. We get it, blowing out candles at home every single year is no longer exciting, so we come prepared with a number of venues for an unforgettable birthday.

Make sure you get in touch with us so we can give the best options and we can even throw a free table for you and your friends.

If you want to impress or just have a really chic time with your friends, a really posh nightclub is the way to go. You’ll get to invite friends that you love hanging out with, you won’t even notice how many bottles you’ve been drinking and how many songs you’ve all danced to.

Not much of a drinker but would love to experience London’s infamous nightlife? We can get you and your friends on the guestlist! You don’t need to stress on the minimum spend of the table but you can hang out on our hosting table and enjoy complimentary drinks with our other guests. It may not be your own private table but hey, sharing is caring. Plus girls always need a place to sit after dancing, right?

Thinking of having dinner before going all out? We have the best selection of restaurants around your chosen venue that we’ll be happy to recommend. But remember, try not to drink too much before you head to the club as the door management can be really strict about this! There’s plenty of drinks inside the club so don’t worry about not having enough.

If you have something specific for your birthday celebration, contact us via call, text, whatsapp or fill in the contact form found here in our website so we can start organising your event!

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+44 752 352 8885

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