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Taking London by storm, Mahiki brings you quenchers from world class Mixologist Papa Jules like the traditional Mai Tai, the ever so inviting Bikini Blast, or the mysterious Pirate’s Curse ! The ones in the Mahiki Mayfair Guestlist or in the Mahiki Mayfair Table Booking will be in a different kind of pleasure as you wind down the tropical designs that the club has to offer. But guests remember to check the Mahiki Mayfair Age criterion! and if you don’t know it yet, keep reading to find out!

Mahiki Mayfair London

Mahiki Mayfair Age Restrictions

The Mahiki Mayfair Age requirement is 21+ years of age. Home to London’s biggest events, the club attracts a number of loyal patrons for that exquisite Tiki flavor that only this club has to offer. Parties start and end high with awesome beats from resident DJs spinning wicked beats.

Mahiki Mayfair Dresscode

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With always the freshest fruits and ingredients as ingredients, take your palates to a cruise by the foods and drinks offered by Mahiki, the premium Tiki bar in London! If you’re up for a fun night, get in touch with us to reserve your spot in the Mahiki Mayfair Guestlist and find out more details on the Mahiki Mayfair Age criterion!


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+44 752 352 8885

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