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Mahiki Dress Code

Mahiki is the heart of Polynesian parties here in this side of London. Located in Mayfair, this island called paradise by many is like Honolulu in London. Serving the most eclectic cocktails made from fresh fruits, and with that Hawaiian vibe all over the place, this is like a beach summer party every day. David Phelps, Nick House, and Piers Adam are some of the Mahiki Celebrity guests that have graced this nightclub. Pick up your gears, and let’s start your journey on this tropical experience in one of the best clubs in London. The first order of your planning is to get the Mahiki dress code down pat, else you won’t be having the party you dream of. Follow these tips to avoid problems, and you can start to party with your name on the Mahiki guestlist.

Mahiki Dress code for the ladies:

Even if it looks and feels like a beach party, don’t wear your flip flops and surfing shorts. It is with utmost urgency that you wear that glamorous pair of heels that you’ve been hiding for sophisticated parties like these! You need to stick with the Smart & Sexy attire to gain entry. Select your best dress from your closet and pair it with a set of sparkling accessories. Dressing this sexy and smart has its benefits; you definitely won’t need to check the Mahiki Bottle Price Menu since the influx of free drinks will be coming your way. Believe us, this works.

Mahiki Dress Code for ladies
Mahiki Dress Code for guys

Mahiki Dress code for the Gents:

As always, leave the sportswear for the gym! Avoid wearing sneakers, and just don’t bring your jerseys to the clubs. A clean plain shirt, sleek jeans, smart shoes will make you all classy and stylish. Don’t forget to wear your best smile, and who knows what can happen if you look this good.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any other questions regarding the Mahiki Dress Code. Once that’s all set, we’ll take care of your Mahiki table booking, so let us know!

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