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Commercial, RnB, House, Tech/Deep House


Elegant, chic and sexy


3-5 Mill Street, London, W1S 2AU


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10:30 PM

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Maddox London Club is a party haven for VIPs who want to take a break from their busy lifestyle. Although in this nightclub, each person is a VIP and will be treated fairly important with excellent service, premium drinks and out of this world party music until the wee hours of the following day.

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Maddox London Details

Maddox Club Address

Maddox Club is gracefully situated between Maddox Street and Mill Street, where the many great restaurants, stores and other clubs are found. The specific location is at 3-5 Mill Street, London, W1S 2AU. Maddox is one of the most well-known clubs in the area because of its VIP clientele and elegant vibe. More Info…

Maddox Club Guestlist

The club takes their business seriously which means that all guests must enlist ahead of time and wait for instructions. Guests will be required to pay for entry fee, approximately £20 per person. Customers will need to bring at least 1 valid ID, preferably a driving license or a passport and are also expected to dress appropriately. More Info…

Maddox London Club Vibe

The club’s vibe is a combination of vibrant, electric and sexy but elegant kind of feel. The interiors boast of its bright but toned down lights leathered furnitured and booths, and lively music fill the air.

Maddox London Club
Maddox London Club

Maddox Club Parties

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Maddox London Club creates party themes and assigned DJs that guests eagerly anticipate before coming in. They have resident DJs but to boost the mood of the party, they invite international artists from time to time. This helps in getting more and more customers to recognize the nightclub. More Info…

Maddox Club Dress Code

To compliment its vibe, Maddox London requires its guests to dress elegantly and if possible, sexy, too. The management of the club is very strict about dress code so dress to impress before dancing the night away. More Info…

Maddox Club Music

The music differs from time to time but generally, the categories are Commercial, RnB, House, and Tech/Deep House. Maddox have resident DJs playing music for the crowd but sometimes, they ask guest DJs to change the habit. Artists prepare different sets of music every night to exceed their customers’ expectations. It keeps them coming back.

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+44 752 352 8885
+44 752 352 8885

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Guestlist & Table Bookings
+44 752 352 8885
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