London Nightclubs Reviews from Real Clients

We asked some of our clients to give us some nightclubs reviews on what they think of the hottest party places in London. And here’s what they had to say…

Nightclubs Reviews From our Clients

I love clubbing in London because it is always a good atmosphere. And the music always gets you dancing!


Bouncers and the door people are really strict but if are dressed nicely. You’ll be fine! My advice, dress up not too formal like an executive but more like a fashionista. No sneakers!


When out with the lads, make sure you come with girls. If you dont and the bouncers bouncers don’t know you, they will not let you in. Especially if you dont have tables booked! If you don’t have one, get one in a bar just before coming to the club.


Come early! If you arrive later, it will be harder to get in as many people will be arriving from restaurants, etc.


Don’t drink and drive. Get an Uber!


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