How To Get Inside VIP Nightclubs in London

London has a very intense and alluring nightlife. Some of the best parties and events of the world are staged and hosted here. It only makes sense to be ready with your must-haves every time you go to the club. Here are some of our best clubbing tips to get inside VIP nightclubs in London so that you fully enjoy your night and avoid the common mistakes that unprepared people make.


1. Get on the Guestlist or Book a Table 

How to get inside VIP nightclubs in London 1

First of all, some people confuse guest list and table booking so let’s make that clear. Guest lists are for small groups of people who do not want to book an entire table. Table bookings are for big groups, especially those with mostly males, who are willing to spend a minimum of £500 for that night.

Being on the guest list does not guarantee entry to the clubs. VIP clubs are very picky when it comes to their guests. Some bars reserve the right to reject a person at the discretion of the door staff who can be unreasonable and rude sometimes.

However, it is still better to be on the guestlist because this means that someone will be taking care of you that night. If you do not get inside your club of choice, someone can help you transfer to other clubs within the area. This option is still way better than coming to the bars alone as a walk-in customer which even lowers your chances of getting inside.


2. Come Early

How to get inside VIP nightclubs in London 2

Clubs usually have long queues especially on weekends. This tip is pretty much common sense but some party goers still miss this and they end up lining up in queues that go around the block! Best part about this tip? Ladies are usually free to enter the club when they arrive before 11PM. So basically, you avoid the lines and you avoid the fees. Sweet!


3. Be in a Group of Mostly Females

How to get inside VIP nightclubs in London 2

London VIP nightclubs hate, and we mean HATE, fights and riots. It can cost the club damage to property, degrading its reputation and the biggest effect is to be shut down by the government and its license revoked.

This is the reason why clubs are very hesitant to take all male groups especially when they tell them that they are too “urban”. It means you guys look like you can cause trouble inside the club and we don’t want you here.

So bring some girls with you. The more, the merrier. The hotter, the better! All girl groups and mostly girls groups are preferred to enter the club.


4.Look and Dress Properly

How to get inside VIP nightclubs in London 4

VIP nightclubs in London have dress codes. You have to look sexy, smart and elegant. Some clubs, you even have to be in heels. You have to remember, sexy is one thing and trashy is another. NEVER LOOK TRASHY. Door staff are very picky with guests. You have look and dress “right” in order to get inside a VIP club. So spend a little more time putting on makeup, fixing your hair and pulling off an outfit for the night because this will be your definite ticket to an entry in the club.


5. Check the Drinks Menu in Advance

How to get inside VIP nightclubs in London 5

To avoid confusion when you get inside, check the drinks menu online ahead of time. Almost every club has their drinks menu uploaded online. This will save you a ton of time and hassle when you come inside ready for you orders.


6. Communicate With Your Promoter

 How to get inside VIP nightclubs in London 6

Did you know you can get free drinks once you are inside? Depends on the club and the promoter you are connected with but there are some freebies waiting for you inside! So make sure you connect with them so that you are guided inside and you get the most out of your night out in London. Make sure you ONLY connect with the legit concierges and credible promoters so you don’t waste your time and money.


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