Cirque Le Soir Wednesday:
Dress Code: Fancy Dress, Smart Dress
Opening Time: Mo,We-Sa 23:00-03:30

Cirque le Soir Wednesday Guestlist

Every Wednesday we invite you to head down to Cirque Le Soir. If you are undecided where to go for a mid week fun, our Cirque le Soir Wednesday Guestlist is by far the best guarantee  for a unforgettable mid-week party! Cirque le Soir has taken London clubbing to a whole new level becoming one of the most talked about clubs in London. If you are looking for something different and out of the ordinary, Cirque le Soir is the place you should be at. As every Wednesday night the Village Kids will be in charge of the entertainment. Be ready to see some erotic dancers, clowns and circus performers interacting with the crowd. This is one crazy party you can’t miss!

The Cirque le Soir guestlist is highly demanded as always, hence an early guestlist booking is recommended. Once inside, all our guests will be hosted in our VIP table with free drinks. With every party at Cirque Le Soir, you are going to be hooked and will keep on coming back here every night. It’s amazing how creative dress code is encouraged here at Cirque Le Soir, since it has that certain circus like jive into it. The cirque le Soir dress code is supposed to be chic and elegant at all times. The crowd that goes into this venue is a complete mix and they are very friendly to first timers, so expect a good night to come out of this club.

Cirque le Soir is known to deliver unparalleled entertainment, be greeted by the ringmaster and the signature clowns of Cirque Le Soir. You will be ushered to your seats by fire breathers and circus artists to jumpstart your fun-filled night. Have a pick on their creative cocktail list, or stick to the premium wine list to party the night away. The variation of the exquisite menu and bespoke cocktails for your pleasure is something that this venue takes pride into. Expect partying in high notes as you watch and marvel at the amazing performances of the night. Do not hesitate and get your names on the notorious Cirque le Soir Wednesday Guestlist or book you own VIP table now.


    Only limited guestlist spots available every night!


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    * For last minute bookings (after 6pm on the same night) please call, text or WhatsApp 0044 752 352 8885.


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