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Cafe de Paris has always been one of the top clubs in London. Strategically positioned at the center of West End, Cafe de Paris has been one of the premiere nightclubs that is home to celebrities, Hollywood icons, A-listers, businessmen, models, and even the royals. With roots dating back to 1924, Cafe de Paris guestlist is still one of the most sought after items on the London nightlife clubbing scene. With decors that stood the test of time, this London hotspot is still the best place to have fun with style. Be sure to come at your best, since the dress code for this club is “Smart and Sexy”. With an ambiance fit for the royals, your attire should be stunning, enough to make even the jaded club goers make a second take. Having the Cafe de Paris dress code followed to the dot will ensure that you get inside this prestigious venue, so you can party to your heart’s content.

Cafe de Paris Dress code for the Ladies:

As stated earlier, you need to be smart and sexy in your outfit for the party. Everyone must come dressed to kill, or you will be denied entry. We thoroughly advise wearing a short dress partnered with glam heels. Wearing any sportswear is a definite no-no in this club. You need to be glam and fab!

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Cafe de Paris Dress Code 2

Cafe De Paris Dress code for the Gents:

Gentlemen who are looking to party can not escape the dress code requirements. More than telling what you might want to wear, here is a quick list of what you need to avoid. Sports outfits, baseball hats, shorts, sandals or open type shoes – generally anything that doesn’t spell smart. Casual outfits are not recommended, and just try to look smart and sexy. This is all you need to gain entry, and you will be up and partying in no time.

Make sure you check out Cafe de Paris bottle prices to make the most out of your party. For Café de Paris guestlist and table booking, let us know, and we’ll get it done for you!

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