Bonbonniere Dress Code

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With a stunning lineup of dancers grinding to a set of 2000 ft of led lights and a booming sound system that can is short of extraordinary; Bonbonniere has always been the favorite party place for business moguls, celebrities, A-listers, and the affluent club goers. This fantastic venue takes its inspiration from the infamous Fabergé Egg. With an enticing interior fit for the party animal in you, getting on the Bonbonniere guestlist is easily done through London Night Guide.

The only thing that you need to take care of is following the Bonbonniere dress code. Being an exclusive venue this side of London, you need to make sure you follow our tips so you can be guaranteed access to this upbeat club. Do this together with your Bonbonniere table booking, and you’d be partying in no time.

Bonbonniere Dress code for the ladies:

Be sure to come in dressed to impress in this hip and popular nightclub. Make sure you wear heels as this is a prime requirement for you to be granted access. Choose your best skirts and rock it with a set of elegant accessories to complete the look. Always bear in mind that the requirement for the dress code is to be smart and sexy. Google some fashion inspirations if you need to, and you’ll be sure to have an idea of what you need to wear in this fantastic party place.

Bonbonniere Dress Code for ladies
Bonbonniere Dress Code for guys

Bonbonniere Dress code for the gents:

For the gentleman, just dress like your about to attend a black tie event. Be smart, be classy, and ditch the unnecessary. No sneakers, jerseys, sportswear, or anything that will make you stay short of being elegant. Leave the casual look for your backyard parties. Stay on top of the game by donning a pleated shirt with dark jeans and leather shoes.

If you’ve got these tips down pat, start getting a Bonbonniere table booking with the premier guestlist providers, London Night Guide. See you at the parties.

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