Beginners Guide to London Nightlife

If you are a local or a passing tourist, it does not matter in London. All it takes is for you to have the need to party, and the stomach to hold it too. London has been kind enough to offer all sorts of activities for children of the night, who are after the best entertainment life in London can offer. So, if you find yourself confused at the variety of choices, fear not, welcome to your own beginners guide to London nightlife! We have prepared our very own special beginners guide to London nightlife just for you!

Happy hour is always the best hour at Patch!

Are you looking for the perfect start to a long night of drinking? A little fun never hurt anyone, or so the saying goes… One of the best places to do so, is none other than Patch at St. Pauls. The options and offers are endless and from 4pm to 7pm, every Monday to Friday. Patch is your own little getaway or the ideal place to visit with your squad. Whether you decide to go for their “2 for 1” special, their “Silver Package”, or if you want to go all out with the “Platinum Package”, that is up to you. One thing is for certain… you will be leaving a bit happier!
Now if you are feeling a little fancy and you want to enjoy the full experience, London provides some of the most exclusive clubs in the world where fun is guaranteed and you will have an unforgettable experience.Patch

Get your boujie on at London Late Club!

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, then London Late Club is sure not to disappoint. With its outstanding décor and their amazingly lush theme they carry throughout every detail, you sure are in for a treat. Provinding some of the best DJs in the industry and talented mixologists’, London Late Club makes sure you are in the best hands. Definitely part of our beginners guide to London nightlife!

London Late Club


What makes DSTRKT so interesting, is the fact that it is a well-rounded business. Here you won’t only find an amazing variety of drinks at the bar, but they also have an amazing chef all the way from the US, who provides incredible culinary experiences for clients. This is sure to set the right mood for the night and after that, the music will take you through its rhythm.


Where do we go when it’s all over?

So you are completely spent from the amazing night you have just had. What do you want to do now? Go home? Absolutely not! There is still time for one last activity part of our beginners guide to London nightlife and that is of course to try and get rid of that ‘slight’ buzz you pent up in the night. This is where 24h diners come in. Vingt-Quatre is sure to get rid of all your munchies and if not, McDonalds is just around the corner.


In order to make your night all the more unforgettable and to make sure you have the best time, contact us for any questions or problems you might have for the beginners guide to London nightlife. We will make sure that everything during your planning goes smoothly and you make the best choices.


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