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Aside from world famous Tower of London, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, London is now known as the mecca of the most luxurious and exclusive clubs in the world. One of the newest elite and high-end clubs is Aristocrat which is located at 9 Swallow Street London, United Kingdom. Its privileged location in Mayfair was once occupied by Toy Room Boutique Club. In fact, Aristocrat Table Booking scheme was developed from Toy Room and DSTRKT clubs.

The club is found in the basement floor which is darkly lit. Hanging in the walls are old paintings and black & white graffiti-like art works. Golden skulls decorated at the center of the the club near the DJs booth while the ceiling has ornamental gothic designs, intricate carvings and chandeliers. The total look and vibe give essence to its name-Aristocrat.

Gentlemen should pay £20 as cover charge while ladies can enter free of charge before 11:00 PM. For hassle-free entrance and VIP treatment, avail of Aristocrat table booking or Aristocrat guestlist. The crowd who frequents the club is London’s A-list which includes celebrities, fashion models, business moguls and prominent names in high-class London society. Aristocrat bottles vary with your choice brand. A glass of wine costs £8 while Spirit Mixer is £15.

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Aristocrat is open every Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 PM- 3:30 AM. Aristocrat table booking is essential if you want to be treated like royalty and served with the best drinks in the club. Gorgeous staffs will be serving you as part of the VIP package you booked with us.

Smart casual is Aristocrat dress code. Make sure to adhere to this policy to gain access. You will never be disappointed once you are inside. Groove to club’s music which is a mix of Hip Hop, Rhythms and Blues (R&B) and House spinned by Aristocrat celebrities- DJs like DJ Jojo, DJ Charles Prince, DJ Tito as well as new names like Martin 2 Smooth and DJ Lino.

To truly experience clubbing at its max level in this glamorous venue, we recommend to avail of VIP Aristocrat table booking service since the club can only accommodate 160 guests per night and always jam-packed when it is open.



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