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Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu for VIP Tables


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There’s probably a small amount of club goers that will go to a club and not get anything to drink for the menu. Afterall all, a Cuckoo Club Table Booking will require a spend of £1000 at the bare minimum. For those familiar with the London clubbing scene, Cuckoo Club is probably one of the top choices when in comes to a London night out. For the Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu, we have collected all the information you need to solidify your decision in getting your name on the Cuckoo Club Guestlist. Please note that you need to address the Cuckoo Club Entry Price as well which is  £20 after 11 PM.

What is the Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu?

Champagne dominates the menu on Cuckoo Club, with Dom Perignon leading board as the club-goers favorite at £390. The Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Magnum NV is also a pleaser at £460. If your taste is more on the pricier range, try the Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé at £2500. The top winner (on price and flavor) is the ’02 Cristal Methusalem from Champagne Virtuoso Louis Roederer, which you can get for £35000. A few of the Cuckoo Club Celebrities took their parties to a whole new level as they got this expensive gem at the Cuckoo Club London.

Ciroc, Belvedere, and Grey Goose are the front runners in the Vodka line. An unfiltered Belvedere Magnum will be £300, while the Grey Goose Jeroboam will set you back £1200. If simple is what you came for, Ciroc is readily available for £300 per bottle, as this is the classic choice of guests who got a Cuckoo Club Guestlist reservation.

Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu
Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu

The Hendricks Gin at £250 is a must try, but don’t discount the cordial spirit of Tanqueray Rangpur which will ring you at the same price. The Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu is as extensive as it can be, and you have a lot of selections to choose from.

If you are a Rum aficionado, try their Ron Zacapa, which only costs £600 and will be enough to get you hammered all through the night.The Mount Gay Extra Old will also be a fine choice, and you can get it for £230 all night long.
Whiskies also plays a large part in the menu as top American, Irish, Scotch, and single malt whiskies are up for your taking. American Whisky Markers Mark, Irish Whisky Red Breast 12y/o, Scotch Whisky Chivas Regal 12 y/o and Single Malt Whiskey Haig Club are all available for £300 per bottle.

London Night Guide always request that you follow the Cuckoo Club Dress Code, so you don’t have problems getting in the venue. Book in advance especially on busy weekends, to make sure you secure your perfect spot for your London night out. For further information on the Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu, please contact us.

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Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu
Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu
Cuckoo Bottle Price Menu


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