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London nightlife is full of surprises and unforgettable experiences which can be delivered to you by the best nightlife concierge in town, London Night Guide! Here at London Night Guide, we give you not only an idea of where to party but also all the information you need to guarantee entrance in the best VIP Clubs in London and to make sure you enjoy your night out! But such a service and such an experience comes with some requirements and one of the most critical is the Age Requirement. All clubs in London have a minimum Age Requirement which can vary from minimum 18 years old or 21 years old. Whichever club you choose, make sure you check their minimum Age Requirement to guarantee your fun ride!

Age Requirements of all our venues.

Paper Club Age

Paper Club Age

Get on Guestlist Reserve a Table Considered as one of the most enjoyable, craziest, and liveliest club in UK, Paper Soho remains to be the best choice for those who are looking for the most exclusive and glamorous club. But to enjoy the unique nightlife experience in London, you have to be of a certain […]

Mahiki Mayfair Age

Mahiki Mayfair Age

Get on Guestlist Reserve a Table Taking London by storm, Mahiki brings you quenchers from world class Mixologist Papa Jules like the traditional Mai Tai, the ever so inviting Bikini Blast, or the mysterious Pirate’s Curse ! The ones in the Mahiki Mayfair Guestlist or in the Mahiki Mayfair Table Booking will be in a […]

Mahiki Kensington Age

Mahiki Kensington Age

Get on Guestlist Reserve a Table Mahiki Kensington Age Restrictions Mahiki Kensington offers to its guests a whole new concept of a more grown-up “all-day” version of Mahiki! If the night is not enough for you, they offer you a full day of amazing experience! Watch out as this experience is only for the lucky […]

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